1. What is Galaxy Beta Program?

Samsung conducts Galaxy Beta Program which is owned, managed and operated by Samsung independently for providing better experience and reliable software based on user feedback.

If you participate in Galaxy Beta Program, you can have an opportunity to experience new features and the latest UX based on Android 8.0 Oreo at first.

During Galaxy Beta Program, you can directly send us your feedback and experience about performance, stability and usability which will help us to release improved software.

Beta software is not the official version so it may cause unexpected errors, malfunction.

Also it may not contain a full feature compared with the official software.

2. How can I participate in the Galaxy Beta Program?

Please download the “Samsung Plus” app from Galaxy Apps or Play Store.

After installation, launch the “Samsung Plus” app, and submit the “Galaxy Beta Program” application form under the “Registration” menu at the top of the app.

If you have a Samsung Account and meet all the participation criteria, the entire registration process will be completed.

- Available devices: Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ (a device that is locked to the Sprint or T-Mobile network, non-operator-locked device, or open-market version)

3. How can I install beta software?

After finishing Galaxy Beta Program registration process, click ‘Software Update’ menu (Setting – Software update – download updates) manually, you can download and install beta software.

Software update will be expanded gradually, which can cause that some user’s update can be delayed.

4. If I participate in Galaxy Beta Program and download it, should I pay for it?

Basically this program is free but you have to connect to wire or wireless network for software installation and updates. Using data network may occur cost so we recommend you to download and update software under Wi-Fi connection.

5. How can I send feedback to Samsung?

After installing the beta software, please launch the “Samsung Members” app.

You can post up performance-related feedback such as errors, malfunctions, and poor performance under “Error” of the “Beta Community” menu. If you have any UX/UI-related feedback such as new suggestions or usability, please post it up under “Suggestion” of the “Beta Community” menu.

If you can’t post up an error on the Beta Community for some reason, you can send it through the “Beta feedback” menu.

You can also send general opinions about beta software through the “Contact us” menu.

6. Is there any reward for participating in Galaxy Beta Program?

Galaxy Beta Program is based on user opt-in option.

Samsung will provide enhanced SW and better performing services based on collected feedback from Galaxy Beta Program as rewards to users.

7. Is Beta software confidential?

The participants have to use this beta software only for personal, non-commercial purposes, also have to follow activity guidance in Terms and Conditions

8. Any preparation such as data backup needed for Galaxy beta program?

Unexpected data loss can be occurred during Beta program due to certain situation.

So Samsung strongly recommends users to backup all data by Smart Switch PC version before installing Beta software. (www.samsung.com/us/smart-switch)

Errors and malfunctions may be occurred due to the compatibility issue, Samsung also recommends users to update all apps to the latest version as possible.

9. How can I quit Galaxy beta Program?

You can cancel through “Withdraw from Galaxy Beta Program” under the “Settings” menu in the “Samsung Members” app.

In order to use the official software and services, be sure to re-install (rollback) the final version of the official software.

You can re-install software by using the PC version of Smart Switch. Once the software is re-installed, the device will be reset and all data that was generated during the Galaxy Beta Program will be erased.

(You can find details from FAQ #10 below.)

All data which had been backed up before installing the beta software can be recovered, but there may be limitations in recovering data that was created after installing the beta software.

The Samsung Service Center also supports re-installation of the official software.

Please contact the Call Center, and you will be guided to the nearest service center.

- Call Center : 1-866-666-2705

10. How can I restore the official software during Beta Program?

You can re-install the official software by using the PC version of Smart Switch.

(You can download it from the following link - http://www.samsung.com/us/smart-switch).

Please connect your phone to your computer, launch Smart Switch on your computer, and press the “Update” button to re-install the official software (rollback).

11. After finishing Beta Program, is it possible to keep using beta software?

Yes, you can use it until new official version releases.

Once the official version released, you can update to it.

12. What if an error occurs while installing beta software. What should I do?

Galaxy Beta Program is run by Samsung, independently conducted without network operators.

If errors occur during software installation, Samsung service center will support recovery.

Please contact to Call Center, you will be guided to the nearest service center.

- Call Center 1-866-666-2705

13. If My device got repair in Service center during Galaxy Beta Program due to the malfunction, can I re-install beta software again?

You can update software with the latest official version or reset in Service Center.

Also you can re-install beta software through software update unless you cancel joining Galaxy Beta Program. (Settings - Software update - Software manual download)

14. Who should I reach out to if I have questions to Galaxy Beta Program?

For beta software installation, registration, and all other related queries, please send them through “Ask questions” under the “Beta feedback” menu of the Samsung Members app.